Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well, dang it. I'm just too busy to post so I'm going to take some time off so I can focus solely on work, work and more work. I will return March 19th or so, if I make it through.

Take care!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Will To The Um.

So “bahth” time usually plays out like this…I say “Do you wanna take a bath?”and W leaps to his feet and runs like a drag queen in new stilettos to the loo, his arms swinging wildly from side to side. One recent evening, W was seriously excited about the idea of bathing with one of his small toy trucks. He stepped up on his little plastic IKEA stool and threw the truck into the clawfoot tub as it was filling with water and bubbles. I turned to get a wash cloth out of the drawer behind me and turned back just in time to see his feet pass in front of my eyes as he tumbled heels over ass into the tub like a drunken sailor, clothes and all. Needless to say, he was a bit upset but washing his truck was mighty important to him so he quickly bounced back for the task. Thank goodness he wasn’t traumatized by the event (I sorta was. I mean, it happened so fast!). It’s hard enough to get his hair washed without a ultra drama already.

The Hubs has been rather busy with this band and musical lately which means face time with W has been minimal. W and I went out of town for the night for his grandad’s 60th birthday this past weekend (fun was had by all!) so we all have been ships passing in the night. When this happens, and it periodically does, W develops a Super Glue-like bond to me and shuns his father. Physically. Night before last, the Hubs was trying to get in on a group hug and W stiff-armed him out of the circle like a bouncer denying K-Fed club access. Ouch! I know there will come a day though when he will no longer have much interest in his mama and I will be the one banished from the group while he and his daddy talk about football and girls. Right?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chaos Unleashed

Since I am the queen of chaos, I seem to subconsciously enjoy making things way more chaotic than they need to be. I don’t mean that I’m an over-reacting, control-freak sort of martyr type (that’s only part of the time). I mean that when I am in the midst of intense, brain pureeing details of my job times 1,000, I seem to find at least one more mammoth project with numerous details to add to the mix. Last year is was a complete house remodel and birth of a new baby. This year it's 90 events that are to happen within a 9-day period in March and a complete overhaul done of our front and back yards. Months ago I spent some time inartistically drawing out my dream yard, something suitable to our budget and neighborhood. After a bit of searching and some outrageous bids from landscaping companies that took my ideas to a whole new level (“How about a floating deck, one that seems to hover over the surface of the yard?”), we settled on a company whose owner is a friend of the family, does good work, and we’d get the “Friends & Family” deal. This deal, however, is still a major wallop to the pocketbook and we’re currently looking for a job for W. After a couple of weeks had passed, the crew showed up on the scene and, armed with an orange can of spray paint, marked up the lot. I came home at the end of the day and it looked like our yard had been tagged by a handful of artistically challenged gang members. I found a few of the markings to be incorrect and used the can of spray paint to make some adjustments. This included accidentally spraying the wall of the studio out back. Nice.

And so it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and then it froze and all of the landscaping demarcations washed away and had to be done again. One sunny day the crew arrived (one of them is in touch with his inner pirate complete with bandana, goatee with long mustache and a dangling gold loop earring the size of a silver dollar…he totally rules!) and began unloading chunks of stark white limestone. I had to go to work and wasn’t able to witness what was about to occur but later in the day I received a frantic phone call from the Hubs. “Did you tell them they could do what they just did to the yard? I mean, it looks awful. You gotta talk to them. I hate what they’ve done!” I came home later that day to see my two trees barricaded by a short wall of limestone in the shape of an “o” and a wall of the same stuff outlining the front of our house framing the beds of the yard. I realized we could go to battle with the neighborhood and be safe in our own personal version of the Alamo. Egads! I immediately got on the horn and told our family friend/landscape company owner that this was not going to work and all of the rock had to come out. Our tiny yard couldn’t support such weight, such bulk and besides, we live in a purple and orange house with straight lines and squares. What does stark white limestone in the circlular shapes got to do with it? So, confused and befuddled, the crew dismantled their beautiful work and quietly laughed at the Gringa who wants only metal edging around the beds. I do have to admit that this talented bunch has replaced our front sidewalk with same said stark white limestone and their craftsmanship is incredible. We are now the proud owners of one of the sexiest sidewalks in the ‘hood. Now if people would just keep their muddy feet off of it.

The nightmare before...

And the nightmare during...

The crew. The pirate is the clown in the yellow shirt.