Monday, March 23, 2009

Little White Lie

Okay, I admit it. The post before this one was a smoke screen, a weak attempt to convince myself that my relationship with Facebook was more akin to a giddy coffee date than a gluttonous multi-day orgy but orgy it was. I don’t actually linger there like a ne'er do well barfly but do check in possibly 20 times a day for a quick fix, a social bump, if you will. In my opinion, that’s over-commitment when there are other, more important activities to be done…like blogging (“Dear mom, I’m so sorry I made you look at that picture of those green cupcakes for so many days.”). So I’m solemnly swearing to fewer daily voyeuristic activities on Facebook and more engagement with the family, the pet, and the world around me in real time. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

My SXSW exposure was minimal this year, a stark contrast to when I once worked for the man behind the giant curtain of the conference. I didn’t see or do much but it was really just enough. Tuesday night we embraced our friends from Spain as their energy and enthusiasm engulfed us at Vino Vino. We sang, danced and drank bubbly until after midnight. W thought it appropriate timing to come down with a cold/cough/allergy-type bug that kept us home the rest of the week so for once I got plenty of rest, was hangover free and the bank account remained intact. Plus the Hubs got mucho attention as he bounced from gig to gig to gig while working like a rock n roll hound dog. Laundry got done, meals were on the table and the coffee crutch was delivered bedside in the mornings. Saturday was a double dip as the band played two shows and the kiddo and I saddled up for a full day of rock n roll hoochie cooin’. It was great to be back in the fray. W is well versed in the art of backstage etiquette and took to it like a duckling to water. Here, now, is a photo essay of the day…

Doesn't get much cheesier than this...

On the hunt for the backstage catering like a baby shark...

"This is called a keg. You will appreciate this later in life."

Never too early to learn how to string a guitar.

W misses the entire first show. This was good for his attitude later tho'.

Backstage at the San Jose. Great evening!

"Hey, someone get that kid away from me. Scaaaaaaary."

* Dear Bloggerdotcom, why do you have to be such a turd site? I've been trying to upload pictures for like EVER and now you're not letting me upload any more at all. What gives? Do you need a lap dance? Yours, K


Jennifer txmomof3 said...

That was a great night at the San Jose. Your hubby put on a mean show, really great.
I love your writing (and that you'll admit you go to FB 20 times a day, thank you so much. should we start a 12 step program?).

Lawree said...

My desperate reliance on Facebook as a social crutch scares the holy crap outta me too. Just the other day I was chatting with an old college friend about how much time we waste on Facebook and how despite all our former artistic obsessions on college, we never seem to find time to create anymore. And yet we always find time to waste on FB. We were of course chatting on FB. And then, when I finally motivated myself to start writing again I of course had to post that in my status on FB.... If the previous comment-leaver starts that 12-step program, let me know. I need help.

jessie b said...

holy guacamole.
who is that handsome little cowboy modeling that hat?
dream weaver.